Rentals - Performance Skis

Volkl Deacon 7.6 – Sizes: 133,140,147,154,161, 168,175 (125-75-105)

New Technology! Designed to shorten the learning curve and allow a skier to progress quickly! These skis are more maneuverable, better balanced and easier to turn. Rent this ski package and exchange for a snowboard package at no extra charge. The Performance Ski Package is only available to Adult Renters. Juniors may upgrade to Performance Ski Package at time of rental. Includes skis, boots, and poles.

The Inn Shop uses GRIPWALK BINDINGS on  all of our skis and GRIPWALK SOLES on our ski boots.

GRIPWALK provides more traction and makes it easier to walk in ski boots

                            IT IS THAT SIMPLE!




Product Description

The Performance Ski Package includes skis, boots, poles.

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