Tips from Dan Ray, Professional Ski Instructor of America, Examiner and Clincian


For a Balanced, Athletic Stance – Think Congruency

By Dan Ray; Squaw|Alpine Ski and Snowboard Schools Training Manager; PSIA-W Examiner and Clinician

Skiing is an athletic endeavor which requires a balanced, athletic stance in order to be successful.  When developing and maintaining a balanced, athletic stance, think about creating congruent angles in your body.  

Slightly flex your ankles and feel your shins against the tongues of your boots.  There should be equal flex in both ankles, and the angle of your shins should be the same from leg to leg.  Flex your knees in proportion to your ankles, they should be bent but not overly bent.  Your pelvis and hips should be tilted forward and should be over your base of support, not behind it.  Slightly curve your spine forward, try to match the angle of your spine with the angle of your shins.  Finally, your arms should be extended and your hands should be out in front of you in a “ready” position.   

Skiing with congruent flex and angles in your ankles, knees and spine will help you maintain a balanced, athletic stance while descending.  Skiing with this stance will allow you to make more effective steering, edging and pressuring movements providing more control and a successful, less tiring day.

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Storms are Arriving!

Here they come!  The high winds ahead of the biggest snow forecast in years are howling over the ridges. After a night of steady rains, the ground is saturated and ready to hold onto the 1-3 feet of snowfall expected later today and through the night.  The rains have turned to snow even as we speak!  And a second big storm is due to arrive Saturday night!  We have our snow blowers primed, skis tuned, waxed and ready.  Bring it on, Mother Nature!  The excitement up here is all the buzz, with people re-arranging work schedules in order to get out there for fresh tracks Friday morning.

For the latest updates from our local snow-casting guru, check out Bryan Allegretto’s Tahoe weather forecasts on the Open Snow website:

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A Message from the Fitness Director, Performance Training Center by Julia Mancuso

There’s an old adage in team sports: the most important part of ability is availability. During the ski season, I do my very best to keep that in mind as I make sure my body is up to the task when I want to ski bell to bell or push my skills on challenging terrain. Injury prevention should be a major focus of your offseason and in-season training programs, and a ton of great tools are out there to help you bombproof your body in the gym. Smarter trainers, better equipment, and more group exercise options offer a ton of potential to set you up for your best season yet. That being said, the most important thing you can do is proactively engage a ski-specific injury prevention program sooner than later – cumulative time spent training your body will surpass the benefits of a few big workouts or days on the hill by leaps and bounds. Focusing on knee and ankle stability, lateral movement and deceleration skills (two things very important to skiing that aren’t very present in daily life or summer activities), and cardiovascular fitness can have a huge impact on your on-snow enjoyment. And that’s what it’s all about, right?
Performance Training Center by Julia Mancuso is where Truckee residents build their bodies up for the ski season each and every year. Owned and operated by Olympic Gold Medalist Julia Mancusco, our trainers and classes support ski-fitness with a unique focus borne out of years of experience working with elite wintersports athletes. Bring your outside inside and train for your sport where the local pros do. Day and week passes are available for visitors to the Lake Tahoe area, and competitive monthly memberships are available for locals. Dedicated Wintersports Conditioning classes every week are included with your membership – come check out the club TODAY and take the first step toward the best ski shape of your life!
Check us out at:
Yours in fitness,
Chris Cloyd
Fitness Director
Performance Training Center
by Julia Mancuso
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Winter Is Arriving

The Lake Tahoe area received much-welcomed heavy rains on October 17th resulting in this beautiful rainbow over the east shore of Lake Tahoe.  We’ve since received several snowstorms which, combined with a drop in nighttime temperatures, have given us the start to what’s looking like a normal early winter.  For up to date weather forecasts we find in-depth Tahoe weather updates at  Visit the Travel tab drop down on our website for links to accommodations in Squaw Valley and additional information that may help you in planning your Squaw Valley ski vacation this winter.


After the rains…east shore rainbow.

IMG_1685 (1)


November 10, 2015

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Inn Shops Sponsors Tahoe Sierra Century Bike Event

Inn Shop has been the proud platinum sponsor of the Tahoe Sierra Century cycling fundraiser for the past 5 years.  The event raises funds to support the band programs at Tahoe City Middle and High Schools. Riders were again welcomed for check-in and registration at the Inn Shop with help from our dear friends and loyal supporters Hersh Archer and Judy Scott (his by far better half). This year we were amazed by three unicyclists who joined the fun, riding a metric century  (including the climb up Donner Summit) on one wheel and no brakes!  Kudos to their amazing accomplishment!  For more information about the ride visit their website at


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Siberia Express Gets a 6-Pack

The Siberia Express has been replaced with a high speed 6 pack chairlift.  In early September the lift was in pieces in the Squaw parking lot, awaiting the ride to the top of the mountain.  It’s no longer in the parking lot, so we can all look forward to the new lift in full swing this season.


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We Love Cycling Too!

Fall arrives in Castine, ME

Fall arrives in Castine, ME

Frank and Sandy have enjoyed many cycling trips together during the summer months these past eight years, including riding around the coast of Ireland, a trans-Pyrennes ride from Barcelona to San Sebastian, a trans-Alps ride from Geneva to Nice, as well as self-guided travels through the Dolomites, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Bavaria, and Czech Republic.  They just returned from a month of cycling in Nova Scotia and the Maine coastline, where they enjoyed a dose of magnificent New England fall colors and a few lobsters as well! Sandy by the way will be joining the Inn Shop crew this winter (you may find her on the floor fitting your boots) having recently retired from the local Tahoe Truckee Schools.

East Point Lighthouse, Prince Edward Island

East Point Lighthouse, Prince Edward Island

We had fun posing as lobsters along the way!

We had fun posing as lobsters along the way!


Atop Cadillac Mountain, Acadia Nat’l Park, 1530′ above sea level


View of Cadillac Mtn. from the Schoodic Peninsula, Acadia Nat’l Park, ME


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Father/Son Back Country Ski Adventures

Over the past 5 years Inn Shop owner Frank and son Mike Sahlman have traveled to a number of remote areas of the world to backcountry ski.  In November, 2011, they signed on with IceAxe Expeditions and travelled to Antarctica for their first backcountry skiing adventure (a few of Mike’s photos from their trip are posted below).

They’ve since sailed a 67-foot sailboat through the Svalbard Archipelago of Norway up to the 80th parallel to ski with the polar bears, climbed and skied Mt. Blanc (where they celebrated Mike’s 30th birthday (on a day with 40 mph winds and little visibility), and skied out of the Tasmin Saddle Hut for 6 days in the Mt. Cook National Park of New Zealand.  They’ve also skied the Troll Peninsula of Iceland, the volcanoes of Chile, and most recently, the Lofoten Islands of Norway this past May.  Africa and Asia are two remaining continents still on their backcountry bucket list.  We’ll be posting more favorite photos from these memorable father/son skiing adventures in future blogs.


Aboard the 331′ vessel Clipper Adventurer, dwarfed by the vastness of the Antarctica Peninsula


A bluebird day in Antarctica. The ship can be seen in the distance.

Sunset in Antartica.

Frank Ski Pic Antarctica

Great powder run to the sea.




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