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A Message from the Fitness Director, Performance Training Center by Julia Mancuso

There’s an old adage in team sports: the most important part of ability is availability. During the ski season, I do my very best to keep that in mind as I make sure my body is up to the task when I want to ski bell to bell or push my skills on challenging terrain. Injury prevention should be a major focus of your offseason and in-season training programs, and a ton of great tools are out there to help you bombproof your body in the gym. Smarter trainers, better equipment, and more group exercise options offer a ton of potential to set you up for your best season yet. That being said, the most important thing you can do is proactively engage a ski-specific injury prevention program sooner than later – cumulative time spent training your body will surpass the benefits of a few big workouts or days on the hill by leaps and bounds. Focusing on knee and ankle stability, lateral movement and deceleration skills (two things very important to skiing that aren’t very present in daily life or summer activities), and cardiovascular fitness can have a huge impact on your on-snow enjoyment. And that’s what it’s all about, right?
Performance Training Center by Julia Mancuso is where Truckee residents build their bodies up for the ski season each and every year. Owned and operated by Olympic Gold Medalist Julia Mancusco, our trainers and classes support ski-fitness with a unique focus borne out of years of experience working with elite wintersports athletes. Bring your outside inside and train for your sport where the local pros do. Day and week passes are available for visitors to the Lake Tahoe area, and competitive monthly memberships are available for locals. Dedicated Wintersports Conditioning classes every week are included with your membership – come check out the club TODAY and take the first step toward the best ski shape of your life!
Check us out at: performancetruckee.com
Yours in fitness,
Chris Cloyd
Fitness Director
Performance Training Center
by Julia Mancuso
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