Father/Son Back Country Ski Adventures

Over the past 5 years Inn Shop owner Frank and son Mike Sahlman have traveled to a number of remote areas of the world to backcountry ski.  In November, 2011, they signed on with IceAxe Expeditions and travelled to Antarctica for their first backcountry skiing adventure (a few of Mike’s photos from their trip are posted below).

They’ve since sailed a 67-foot sailboat through the Svalbard Archipelago of Norway up to the 80th parallel to ski with the polar bears, climbed and skied Mt. Blanc (where they celebrated Mike’s 30th birthday (on a day with 40 mph winds and little visibility), and skied out of the Tasmin Saddle Hut for 6 days in the Mt. Cook National Park of New Zealand.  They’ve also skied the Troll Peninsula of Iceland, the volcanoes of Chile, and most recently, the Lofoten Islands of Norway this past May.  Africa and Asia are two remaining continents still on their backcountry bucket list.  We’ll be posting more favorite photos from these memorable father/son skiing adventures in future blogs.


Aboard the 331′ vessel Clipper Adventurer, dwarfed by the vastness of the Antarctica Peninsula


A bluebird day in Antarctica. The ship can be seen in the distance.

Sunset in Antartica.

Frank Ski Pic Antarctica

Great powder run to the sea.




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