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Tips from Dan Ray, Professional Ski Instructor of America, Examiner and Clincian


For a Balanced, Athletic Stance – Think Congruency

By Dan Ray; Squaw|Alpine Ski and Snowboard Schools Training Manager; PSIA-W Examiner and Clinician

Skiing is an athletic endeavor which requires a balanced, athletic stance in order to be successful.  When developing and maintaining a balanced, athletic stance, think about creating congruent angles in your body.  

Slightly flex your ankles and feel your shins against the tongues of your boots.  There should be equal flex in both ankles, and the angle of your shins should be the same from leg to leg.  Flex your knees in proportion to your ankles, they should be bent but not overly bent.  Your pelvis and hips should be tilted forward and should be over your base of support, not behind it.  Slightly curve your spine forward, try to match the angle of your spine with the angle of your shins.  Finally, your arms should be extended and your hands should be out in front of you in a “ready” position.   

Skiing with congruent flex and angles in your ankles, knees and spine will help you maintain a balanced, athletic stance while descending.  Skiing with this stance will allow you to make more effective steering, edging and pressuring movements providing more control and a successful, less tiring day.

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